Thursday, April 25, 2013

VCup contest standings, matchday 1

Here's a quick glance at the standings after matchday 1. A few entries had TFC winning 2-0, but the close (and high-scoring) Edmonton-Vancouver result was costly for a lot of people.

Spreadsheet: All prediction entries

1Seth Greenan
2Soka, coxon, Walms, Abou Sky, Mike McGuire, Imma Gonna Ween, PSoNumber9, Grossi
3Lord Bob, latetedefred, Brenton, Jonesy, shermanator, Wince, TheKottonMouthed
4Mowe, Nos, Andrew Bates, shawn_strat, Jake Vendramin, Ivan Drago, Kirk Dobbs, Duane Rollins, StartingEleven, Havelock Howel, Sir Alphonso Applegate, Cormac, M@, kodiaktfc
5Marauder, MulliganL, Stouffvillain, Pej, Casual Soccer Fan, Beat the Limpact, TFCMike P, squadplayer, Wet Coast Wanderers, Duncan Fletcher, Seathanaich, adrenaline11, rob.notenboom, Philip, GoF
6Mr. Impact, Tuscan, Ditty, DelChuck
8Pompey Canuck, mimglow

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Pompey Canuck said...

Excellent, picking up right where I left off last year...