Thursday, May 02, 2013

VCup contest standings, matchday 2

Nobody called Montreal beating Toronto 6-0. Don't believe anyone who tells you they did. Closest was Duane Rollins who said 3-0. There were plenty predicting a 2-0 Vancouver win.

Spreadsheet: All prediction entries

7Seth Greenan, shermanator
8Lord Bob, Nos, Walms, Latetedefred, Mike McGuire, Brenton, Duane Rollins, Imma Gonna Ween, Cormac
9Soka, coxon, mowe, Andrew Bates, squadplayer, Ivan Drago, Grossi, Wince, M@, GoF, kodiaktfc
10MulliganL, Abou Sky, Pej, Casual Soccer Fan, Wet Coast,  Wanderers, Jonesy, StartingEleven, adrenaline11, Havelock Howel, PSoNumber9, Philip, TheKottonmouthed
11Mr. Impact, Tuscan, Beat the Limpact, TFCMike P, Jake Vendramin, Kirk Dobbs, rob.notenboom
12Marauder, shawn_strat, Seathanaich, DelChuck
13Stouffvillain, Pompey Canuck, Duncan Fletcher, Sir Alphonso Applegate

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