Friday, May 31, 2013

Voyageurs Cup contest: Final Standings

Montreal put their names on the Voyageurs Cup for the first time in 5 years in the most dramatic finale of the current Canadian Championship format. In the prediction contest, it was Brenton, aka @CapsOffside and one of @2FatBastards.

Here's how it all turned out.

Difference Entries
10 Brenton
11 Lord Bob, Seth Greenan, Nos, Latetedefred, Imma Gonna Ween
12 Soka, Duane Rollins
13 coxon, Mike McGuire, squadplayer, Ivan Drago, kodiaktfc
14 mowe, Casual Soccer Fan, Seathanaich, Havelock Howel, Cormac, Philip, shermanator, Grossi, M@, TheKottonMouthed
15 Mr. Impact, Abou Sky, Pej, Jake Vendramin, StartingEleven, PSoNumber9, GoF
16 MulliganL, shawn_strat, Kirk Dobbs, adrenaline11, Sir Alphonso Applegate
17 Marauder, Stouffvillain, Beat the Limpact, Pompey Canuck, Duncan Fletcher, rob.notenboom
18 TFCMike P
20 Ditty, DelChuck
22 mimglow

It was a close race at the top but not so at the bottom, where mimglow distanced himself from the pack as the lanterne rouge. He will have the honor of selecting which team scarf is awarded to our winner.

Thanks again to all who entered.

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