Monday, May 20, 2013

Voyageurs Cup contest standings, matchday 3

Wednesday's 0-0 draw between Montreal and Vancouver in the first leg of the Canadian Championship was a dire affair (stay tuned for the report, 5 days late). It seems everyone was expecting more action as nobody had the correct score. The closest was a prediction of 1-0 by Brenton, which has catapulted him into the lead heading the May 29th final.

Mimglow and Ditty have separated themselves from the pack in the race for the lanterne rouge.

Spreadsheet: All prediction entries

Difference Entries
9 Brenton
10 Seth Greenan, Nos, Latetedefred, Duane Rollins, Imma Gonna Ween
11 Lord Bob, coxon, squadplayer, Ivan Drago, shermanator, kodiaktfc
12 Soka, mowe, Pej, Mike McGuire, Cormac, Grossi, M@, TheKottonMouthed
13 Casual Soccer Fan, Jake Vendramin, StartingEleven, Havelock Howel, PSoNumber9, Philip, GoF
14 Mr. Impact, MulliganL, Abou Sky, shawn_strat, Kirk Dobbs, Seathanaich, adrenaline11
15 Marauder, Beat the Limpact, TFCMike P, Pompey Canuck, Duncan Fletcher, Sir Alphonso Applegate, rob.notenboom
16 Stouffvillain, DelChuck
18 Ditty
19 mimglow

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