Thursday, April 24, 2014

Voyageurs cup pool standings week 1

Ottawa and Edmonton drew 0-0. The livestream was bad. I went for a bike ride.

Here are the pool standings:

1Brenton, Fussball_eh, Duane Rollins, coxon, Madmonte, Rex
2@B_Like_Fonz, YQQ Caps Fan, Tuscan, shermanator, kodiakTFC, Dave Hall, Seth Greenan, Latetedefred, Ben Massey, Duncan Fletcher, Cas87, Pompey Canuck, fil, Pej, B-ri, tmcmurph, Matt Pretty
3Diego R, Cam Millar, Fouge, Striped Sauber, Rituro, Roke, Ben D.O.W., woodbridgefc, Trillium, N3WT

You can view all scores and selections here.

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