Thursday, May 01, 2014

Voyageurs cup pool standings week 2

FC Edmonton beat the Ottawa Fury 3-1 after a drawn first leg to advance to the semis in the Canadian Championship. The live stream, unwatchable for most of the first leg, broadcast a crystal clear episode of Modern Family during the 1st half. Hanson Boakai is now the next great thing in Canadian soccer.

The overwhelming majority of pool entrants (77%) predicted an Edmonton win, but none had the correct 3-1 scoreline. (The plurality opinion for week 1 was a draw too. Possible money to be made for gamblers by consulting the spreadsheet linked below?) Several, including our leader, Sam, were off by one at either 3-0 or 2-1.

2Fussball_eh, coxon
3@B_Like_Fonz, Brenton, shermanator, Dave Hall, Seth Greenan, Duncan Fletcher, fil, Duane Rollins, Madmonte, tmcmurph, Rex
4YQQ Caps Fan, Tuscan, kodiaktfc, Cas87, Pompey Canuck, Roke, Matt Pretty
5Diego R, Cam Millar, Striped Sauber, Rituro, Latetedefred, Ben Massey, Ben D.O.W., Pej, B-ri, woodbridgefc, N3WT
7RedcoatsForever, Fouge

You can view all scores and selections here.

Expect a more detailed report for next week's matches, provided they are not preempted in favour of Two Broke Girls.

Meanwhile, check out the updated Canadian content numbers.

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