Monday, June 23, 2014

A reminder, for Canada fans

Despite many voices to the contrary, you are under no obligation to support the Americans in this World Cup.

American success provides no material benefit to our national teams or the development of the game in this country. Feel free to cheer for or against the Americans based on any other criteria, but please don't try to rationalize it on the basis of self-interest.

Carry on.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Voyageurs Cup pool: FINAL STANDINGS

Montreal won the cup, again. Keeping Toronto off the scoreboard did the job on its own, but the Impact sealed it in style with a Felipe goal, taking a 1-0 win and winning the cup 2-1 on aggregate.

If you're expecting further detail about the competition in the coming days, you may or may not be disappointed. We'll see. 

But in important news, Fussball_eh, aka Jon, is the contest's big winner. All of his predictions, over 8 matches, were off by a single goal from the real scoreline except Montreal's 4-2 win over Edmonton, which in any just world would have finished 3-2.

Here are the final standings.

12Brenton, kodiakTFC, Sam
13Seth Greenan, Duncan Fletcher, Duane Rollins, coxon, Pej, N3WT
14Tuscan, Striped Sauber, fil, B-ri
15YQQ Caps Fan, Rituro, Dave Hall, Matt Pretty, Rex
16@B_Like_Fonz, shermanator, Cas87, Ben D.O.W., tmcmurph
18Pompey Canuck, Roke, woodbridgefc
19Diego R, Cam Millar, Trillium

The winning entry, and all the rest, can be viewed here.

As per tradition, the lanterne rouge (the last placed finisher) is supposed to select which team scarf (of the five competing teams) will serve as the prize for our winner. With our three way tie for worst, we go to the tie-breaker, which is the Golden Boot selection.

Trillium selected Jack McInerney, who finished tops with 3 goals. Cam Millar went with Jermain Defoe, who popped one. Diego R went with the unfortunate Gilberto, who has still to open his account for TFC. 

So Jon, Diego will be selecting your prize. Stay tuned. In addition, as per some tweet promise, one of my final round entrants has been randomly selected to win a 2" Radzinski doll. Condition is you take a photo of Radzinski in the wild, as a sequel to a previous installment. 

And that winner is coxon. Here's proof:

As ever, this has been fun, and thanks for entering. And congrats to the Impact and their fans.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Voyageurs Cup pool standings week 5

Just the pool standings this time.

There was some attrition, with a feel people not bothering to get their picks in for the final two games, including one or two that were well-placed.

Fussball_eh is in the driver's seat at the moment.

There will be an additional prize randomly drawn for one of the participants who got their picks in for the final two games.

10Duane Rollins
11Brenton, kodiakTFC, coxon, Sam
12shermanator, Rituro, Seth Greenan, Duncan Fletcher, tmcmurph, N3WT, Matt Pretty
13@B_Like_Fonz, Tuscan, Striped Sauber, Dave Hall, fil, B-ri, Rex
15YQQ Caps Fan, Cas87, Ben D.O.W.
16RedcoatsForever, woodbridgefc
17Diego R, Cam Millar, Pompey Canuck, Roke
All picks can be seen here.