Monday, June 23, 2014

A reminder, for Canada fans

Despite many voices to the contrary, you are under no obligation to support the Americans in this World Cup.

American success provides no material benefit to our national teams or the development of the game in this country. Feel free to cheer for or against the Americans based on any other criteria, but please don't try to rationalize it on the basis of self-interest.

Carry on.


Adria Donovan said...

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Anonymous said...

Hate to tell you this, jono, but Klinny's North American based franchise of the German National Team will (at the least) be the third place winner in this tourney. Granted, I wouldn't put a mortgage payment down as a bet, but I think they'll dispatch the Belgians and then upset the Argies.


jonathan said...

The most lopsided extra time 2-1 match in history?

Chalk about another goal for the AmeriKrauts though. Green's marker gives the Germans 3 of the 5 USA goals.

Anonymous said...

The US came within a Wondo whiff of taking it at the end of regulation, so regardless of the lopsidedness, they almost got it.

One of the huge things I get out of watching Klinny's team is that it's about having big time athletes who can cover every blade of grass on the pitch. This is not a great technical team: they just have guys who can run all day and beat you with fitness, quickness, and strength. Funny, that's how SKC plays, as well (Zusi is a late bloomer because he's developed some savvy to go along with his athleticism). They don't seem to mind losing the ball because they put concerted team pressure on getting it back. As much as I like him in MLS, Beckerman lost his starting spot for this one because he's not the athlete Cameron is. Yedlin beat out Parkhurst because he's a faster athlete. Brooks beat out Goodson for the same reason. And, arguably, ditto Green over Landycakes (though you have to wonder about Davis' inclusion, though his dead ball delivery is probably something that Klinny coveted for specific situations and opponents).