Monday, June 02, 2014

Voyageurs Cup pool standings week 5

Just the pool standings this time.

There was some attrition, with a feel people not bothering to get their picks in for the final two games, including one or two that were well-placed.

Fussball_eh is in the driver's seat at the moment.

There will be an additional prize randomly drawn for one of the participants who got their picks in for the final two games.

10Duane Rollins
11Brenton, kodiakTFC, coxon, Sam
12shermanator, Rituro, Seth Greenan, Duncan Fletcher, tmcmurph, N3WT, Matt Pretty
13@B_Like_Fonz, Tuscan, Striped Sauber, Dave Hall, fil, B-ri, Rex
15YQQ Caps Fan, Cas87, Ben D.O.W.
16RedcoatsForever, woodbridgefc
17Diego R, Cam Millar, Pompey Canuck, Roke
All picks can be seen here.

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