Monday, May 04, 2015

V-Cup contest results: Week 2

Edmonton beat up on Ottawa again in the 2nd leg of the first round tie, winning 3-1. That scoreline should not have come as a surprise, since the Eddies were winners by the same score a week earlier in the nation's capital. It certainly didn't take our contestants by surprise, as many had it pretty close and four managed to nail it exactly, including our leader, Spungi (Tuscan, JoJoFlow and ADH were the others)

Here are the pool standings after week 2:

2Tuscan, ADH
3shermanator, @FTofD, Old Style Pilsner, JoJoFlow, jamonty
4Pej, deschamp86, Brendan, Ben Massey
5Pompey Canuck, Steedman, Rob, latetedefred, Brenton
6Sam, coxon, HimmelCat
7Roke, Fussball_eh

You can view all scores and selections here.

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