Sunday, May 10, 2015

V-Cup contest results: Week 3

The third matchday of the Voyageurs Cup was once again filled with drama. This time, Mother Nature took on a lead role, dumping an unseasonable snowfall on Clarke Stadium in Edmonton which resulted in a postponement of the first leg between Edmonton and Vancouver.

The first leg will now be the originally-scheduled second leg in Vancouver this Wednesday, with the second leg being made up on May 20th in Edmonton. For the purposes of this contest, predictions for the May 6th match will be applied to the May 20th make-up date.

The match that was played was rather lackluster: a Jack McInerney strike was one of few interesting moments in a 1-0 Impact win over Toronto. One would have thought the inclusion of Michael Bradley in the starting eleven meant that Toronto was taking the competition seriously, but the effort on the pitch suggested otherwise.

With only one result last week, the contest table saw only a minor shakeup. Tuscan had a perfect week and joins the lead with Spungi, and the pair have some separation from the pack.

2Tuscan, Spungi
5shermanator, @FTofD, Old Style Pilsner, JoJoFlow
6Steedman, Rob, Ben Massey, Brenton, jamonty
7Sam, coxon, Pompey Canuck, Pej, deschamp86, HimmelCat, Brendan, Latetedefred
8Roke, Fussball_eh

You can view all scores and selections here.

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