Wednesday, May 20, 2015

V-Cup contest results: Week 4

Whatever you think about the Canadian Championship and the Voyageurs Cup, the competition has rarely lacked for drama, and the Montreal Impact tend prominently to be involved.

The fourth matchday of the competition proved to be no exception. Montreal were in a decent position, holding a one-nil edge from the home leg, and then securing the crucial away goal after Toronto had gone up 1. All hell broke loose in a sequence where Maxim Tissot seemed nearly to be killed, propelled head first into the electronic advertising hoardings. While he was being treated on the end line Toronto scored, and they potted another while he was clearly still collecting his wits after returning to the field of play (which clearly he should not have been allowed to do, given his mental state at the time).

So Toronto were up 3-1, and up a goal on aggregate until a late header from ex-TFC man Dominic Oduro broke the hearts of most in attendance, though given past form one wonders how many of those Toronto supporters were truly surprised.

Montreal advance on away goals. What else is new?

In the other match, Edmonton headed to Vancouver in the first leg of their snow-delayed series and were on the board before many Whitecaps fans had found their seats, as Tomi Ameobi scored after Richie Jones had pressured Gershon Koffie into a terrible giveaway. The goal pushed Ameobi into a 3-way tie among active all-time goal scorers in the competition with teammate Darryl Fordyce and Montreal's Jack McInerney.

The Eddies fought valiantly but were undone late when Koffie benefited from some sloppy defending and partially redeemed his earlier error to level the match.

Both scorelines were rather outlandish, in the grand scheme of things, and the new standings reflect this as everyone lost ground. ADH is a first time leader of this competition.

Our bonus matchday is tonight with the two-legged final in August. Entrants will be emailed with a request for their final round picks sometime in the near future.

8Tuscan, JoJoFlow
9@FTofD, Old Style Pilsner, Ben Massey
10shermanator, deschamp86, latetedefred, jamonty
11Pompey Canuck, Steedman, Brenton
12Pej, HimmelCat, Brendan, Rob
13Roke, Sam, coxon

You can view all scores and selections here.

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