Saturday, June 25, 2016

Voyageurs Cup week 5 standings

So it's all come down to this. Everyone's done a terrible job predicting this tourney, I've thought all along that the Voyageurs Cup final was on Tuesday, Britain Brexited, I spent six and a half hours at Investor's Group Field to watch a football game (and still left early), and the last person to enter my contest is in the driver's seat to win.

Here are the standings going into Wednesday's final

14Tirana FC
15Duncan Fletcher, Roke
17jamonty, Casual Soccer Fan, coxon
18Duane Rollins, Phil, Goes to 11, DelChuck
20Blue and White Army, Lord Bob, Barton St, IvanG, Richard

As always, check the spreadsheet for further details. In this case, I actually checked it too. I'm not going to fix my date error (yes, the game will be June 29th), but I looked at the final match predictions for the first 7 placings, and unless I've been reading it wrong, Tirana FC and Duncan Fletcher are the only entries with a chance to win.

In fact, if TFC outright wins the second leg, it forces a tie, in which case I'll have to dust off my tiebreaking scenarios. Any other result and Tirana takes it since most of the others further down the list picked the same 1-1 scoreline she did.

All to play for.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Voyageurs Cup week 4 standings

Here are the standings. If you are entered into the contest, look for an email Sunday night requesting your picks for the two-legged final between Toronto and Vancouver on the 21st and 28th of June. Take advantage of the next few days to mull over your strategy.

13Duncan Fletcher, Tirana FC
15Tuscan, Roke, Garrett, coxon
16Phil, jamonty
17Shermanator, Duane Rollins, Goes to 11, Casual Soccer Fan, DelChuck
18Blue and White Army, latetedefred, Barton St, IvanG
19Lord Bob, Sam, Richard

As always, check the spreadsheet for further details. Everyone is doing terribly.